Plenty here to look at - the last tab in each clock gives description and general ramble. If you'd like more pictures, just give me a nudge as in Contact.
  1. £200

  2. Elliott clocks have a very long distinguished history and are renowned for build quality.
    This one up to standard - a small (12cm) mantle.
  1. The movement is a British made Empire (Coventry?) which was acquired by Bravingtons when it went into receivership. So this was probably part of the stock.

    The 'book matched' front looks very well.
  2. £200

Elliott Mantle clock - 60's
Bravington Walnut Mantle
  1. £150

  2. This is a lovely example of the mantle clock that was so popular in the post war period.
    About 14cm high and all perfectly original.
    I have resilvered the dial - not sure if they were all like this?
  1. About 14 cm tall
    A nice clock with heritage.
    The movement works by the constant force of a spring or weight which is tensioned or lifted by an electromagnet powered by the battery.
    The battery should last a year at least.
    Because the driving force is steady, these clocks are accurate (the balance wheel screws can be adjusted).
    Some are what I would call excessively intrusive - the sound when the magnet activates (every couple of minutes) can be annoying.
    This particular model not too bad.
    Some slight damage showing on dial botom left from old battery. I have touched this up.
    Overall a fine little clock with style.

  2. £150

  1. About 16 cm tall
    As you'll see in this section I've a soft spot for electro-mechanical clocks.
    For some reason or other, the design philosophy was so clean.
    This Kienzle is a classic, and this particular example in lovely original stainless steely condition.
    Tick is there but unobtrusive.
    Second picture should have shown movement (with cover off)
    This is a battery powered balance wheel movement.
    I'll redo some time.
  2. £180

Hermle 'Floating balance'
  1. About 10cm tall.

    Little skeleton clock with 'In-line' movement.

    Very pretty, nice and quiet.
  2. £200

Kaiser 'In-line' Skeleton - 60's