1. A very stylish take on the 'Portico' clock. Top quality visible escapement, 15 day Japy Freres.
    Pendulum is my own make odd combination of Louis Quinze sunburst and Grid temperature compensating (faux) - most of them were!
  2. £550

  1. This modern design incorporates a simple wooden mounting to enhance the brass of the movement.

    This is a fifteen day movement striking on a gong.
  2. £400

Sidford Modern

Sidford Portico

  1. As with my other dome clocks this marries up a 150 year old French movement with a recent salvaged housing from a pretend 'anniversary' rotating ball clock.
    In this instance the dome appears to be glass.
    The movement here is quite shiny, and has the maker name Jules Rolex, Paris.
    The enamel ring dial is in good condition - a couple of very fine cracks not noticeable.
  2. £200

  1. The Sidford Conran pays homage to this iconic designer.

    The unbobtrusive design with a quiet tick, will fit beautifully into your minimalist environs.
  2. £200

Sidford Dome

Sidford Conran

  1. This Sidford Wall Clock again translates a French movement in a different dimension.

    This is a Samuel Marti movement, striking on a bell.

    The wall clock is simple to mount, easy to set up, and is a striking and useful conversation piece.
  2. £250

Sidford Wall