Plenty here to look at - the last tab in each clock gives description and general ramble. If you'd like more pictures, just give me a nudge as in Contact.
  1. £400

  1. Samuel Smith of London as on dial
  2. £200

A simple Victorian fusee skeleton clock in very good condition.
Late 19th c Carriage clock by Samuel Smith of London. One of the 'Smiths' of later Enfield fame.
  1. Only about 13 cm tall and very nicely finished little walnut clock.
    There is a key to the lockable door on the rear.
  2. £350

  1. Unusual with marble base.
    Reliable little thing, quiet, and surprisingly accurate.

    Hands were painted with phosphorus to glow in the dark - no longer works.

    Dial was painted black - I have redone in light blue so you can see the numerals painted on the glass.

    All in good condition.

  2. £350

Interesting and unusual small Walnut fusee. Very nicely made but no maker identified.
Watson Keyless - natty little gravity operated desk clock
  1. Beautiful little gilt Rococo

    Fusee movement by Payne, Hadleigh circa 1790

    About 15cm high
  2. NFS

  1. Most unusual clock by Cuss

    German Black Forest maker moved to London.
    This betrays origins with Roman numerals and 'cuckoo clock' style hands both in brass.

    Fine fusee movement, Clock overall 36cm diameter.

    London maker and address on dial, and 2 labels on back.

    Please contact me for more details

  2. £600

Gilt rococo with fusee movement.
Mahogany Wall clock by Cuss
  1. Oak frame fusee wall clock, probably end 19th C.

    A German movement, and a painted dial - overall 30 cm diameter.

    This clock is in really excellent original condition - as it left the maker.
  2. £500

  1. Gilt brass case. top glass slightly chipped, and crack on dial enamel top right. Gilt good, but scratches here and there, A good polish would revive.

    Otherwise very good, with a fine French movement.

    I bought this clock in an antique shop, noticing that the platform escapement was of a very high standard. When I had a full inspection there are marks.
    On the base a triangle stamp and no 175/20200
    On the backplate a triangle cut and the same number.

    My understanding is that Dent adopted the triangle to identify their genuine quality French movements from cheaper imitations.
    It later changed to the triangle with DENT written through. Any information on this would be very welcome.

  2. £700

Fusee wall clock. Cozens, Taunton.
Gilt Carriage Clock. By Dent?
  1. Classic W & H oak. Around 1890.
    Around 24cm tall.

    Winterhalder & Hoffmeier from the Schwarzenbach factory.

    These clocks were very first quality at thye time, and you can see from this example how that quality has lasted.

    Slight marks on gilding on dial as can be seen from photo.

    This clock was originally retailed in Exeter by K T Depree, High Street
  2. £600

  1. Unusual 18th C mantle clock. Quite tall - about 30 cm.

    German inlay goes back to Black Forest, but this is more like a city clock.

    No maker marks obvious, but very well made.

    Strikes on a gong.
  2. £300

German W&H Oak mantle striking on a gong
Early inlay mantle with silk suspension
  1. Boulle work in good condition,
    Slight flaw at top right,
    Gilt very good original.
    Movement not sure of maker, but very good condition
  2. £500

  1. Fine marquetry.
    Silk Suspension Le Roy et Fils movement

    Front glass lifts to wind - I have modified original damage.

    Lovely simple silvered dial
  2. £500

Boulle work - very elegant
Le Roy Library clock
  1. Small walnut mantle - about 5 cm high.

    Standard movement with simple French lever platform
  2. £80

  1. Richard et Cie had a small workshop, and used grade 1 components

    Case shows usual wear for age.
    Small crack on dial

    Movement first rate with snake makers mark.

  2. £400

Pretty little simple Walnut mantle.
Carriage by Richard
  1. I have seen several similar to this, some with a separate base and glass cover, though I don't think they were all delivered like this.

    This one wood and inlay in excellent condition.

    About 40 cm high.

    A striking clock - very suitable for a modern hallway probably.
  2. £500

  1. A smaller 5 glass - about 25cm high.

    A couple of chips from glass - one side panel at top and door (as can be seen in photo of back). However neither very noticeable.

    Lovely Japy movement striking on gong.

    Gilt on top has been worn with polish resulting in slight discolour in places.

    I have replaced one of the mercury bars in pendulum with a stainless insert substitute. Doesn't affect timekeeping - the compensation was always a bit of a pretence really.

    A nice example - not too big, quiet, reliable.
  2. £500

Portico with Japy movement.
Five glass with Japy movement