I hope you enjoy browsing through the collection. There is a description of each clock telling you all about provenance, good and bad points (some clocks have a more intrusive noise) and any flaws.
In total I expect to have about 150 clocks for you to see, A very few will be of sentimental value and marked NFS, and some may be POA.

  1. French Oak Mantle
    French Oak Mantle
    All of these are in tip-top working order, but may have small cosmetic blemishes.
  2. German Oak Mantle
    German Oak Mantle
    Antique clocks can be restored to be as good as they were made.
  3. French 'Library'
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    French 'Library'
    A large selection of affordable high quality timepieces and clocks.
  1. 'Modern' detail
    'Modern' detail
    Top quality 19th C French movements are cleaned, rebushed if needed, and then mounted in custom designed casing.
  2. Sidford 'Modern'
    Sidford 'Modern'
    I've recently finished preparing these for sale.
  3. Sidford 'Portico'
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    Sidford 'Portico'
    These clocks are created here in my workshop
  1. Bravingtons Walnut
    Bravingtons Walnut
    I consider this period in a way as the Golden age of design and manufacture.
  2. Elliott Mantle
    Elliott Mantle
    These have been carefully chosen and are all VGC
  3. Hermle Electric
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    Hermle Electric
    A large selection of English and German 20th C timepieces
  1. Rococo 18th C
    Rococo 18th C
    Fusee movement -signed Payne, Hadleigh
  2. Rococo 18th C
    Rococo 18th C
    Very pretty little gilt rococo - 12 cm tall.
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I also carry out repairs and restoration work at reasonable rates.
Do please get back to me with any ideas on the collection or repairs and sales enquiries through Contact, below.
The site also contains a blog  'From the Workshop' which should probably contain lots of useful nuggets on timepieces and their history, but more likely will end up as a general moan on the state of things today.
Please feel free to counter this with your positive contributions, insights and wisdom.

Quality clocks looking for discerning owners
Here at Rescue Repair and Rehome. we can't bear to see a clock in distress. Bring us your sick and we will make well.
We are forever disappointed at the treatment some owners give to their faithful companions. It is our mission to rescue clocks in need, nurse them back to good health, and provide them with a loving home. Please help us in this worthy cause.
Repairs for local area at reasonable rates - please contact as below.
You can use the form here to contact me with a sales or repair enquiry, or any other 'Rescue and Rehome' business.
Prices on site are hopefully correct, but please forgive me if I make a mistake and have to amend on enquiry. Post & Package is extra, and will vary according to the clock and obviously if going abroad. We can agree a total price, and I am happy to accept cheques or bank transfer. No facilities for plastic as yet.

Or you can give me a call or email as below.
Always pleased to hear from you.

Please wait another month to see our full range of clocks and services.
Eventually I expect there will be around 150 clocks to peruse.
In the meantime please fell free to contact me above and I'll get back to you.